Shaping Hearts

Twelve long and large bulletin boards hung near the ceiling in a classroom wing. Faded turquoise burlap was stapled to a couple of boards, while the rest had nothing. The boards were neglected and practically useless. These twelve boards represented a church’s Bible class program that was tired and deficient. “Well,” said a group of parents and teachers, “let’s do something about it.” And they did by revamping the entire program.


One phase of addressing the situation was writing new curriculum. Over time, the writing gravitated to a small team who worked and wrote for about five years, as the curriculum was being used by students and teachers. The writers evaluated and revised their work as they kept before them the larger objective of producing curriculum that is Biblical, student-friendly, contemporary in design, and practical in its application.


Before long, it became obvious that students were learning and wanting to come to Bible class. Visitors were impressed with the curriculum; suggestions came from several sources to publish the material so others could use it. Shaping Hearts Publications began in 2005.


The Shaping Hearts team kept writing, reviewing, revising, and developing the curriculum, while also adding components to make teaching and learning more and more effective. Now, hundreds of churches all over the United States are successfully using Shaping Hearts for God Bible class curriculum in Biblically-oriented, student-friendly classes in which children’s hearts are being shaped by God’s powerful word.


By the way, those twelve bulletin boards were first reduced to six and second were lowered to about 20" off the floor so kids can actually see them. The boards are changed routinely to coincide with the lessons and themes featured in the children’s classes. They now represent effective Bible teaching and learning, and many are featured in Shaping Hearts Teacher’s Lesson Guides.